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February 5, 2021

Retirement for Paul

Paul; age 64, is a recently retired Doctor and has been a client of CWM since 2012. Doctor Paul wants financial advise on how to manage his various investment assets. Paul’s investment earnings were inconsistent with his money invested across a range of platforms which included an account-based pension, wrap accounts, term deposits and managed funds.

With Paul approaching retirement, Chris recommended a strategy that would make easier his finances for his future retirement. This strategy involved maintaining Paul’s account-based pension, but establishing his other investments into a single wrap account.

Peace of mind for Paul and a practical financial strategy now in place, he also wanted to make sure his assets would be divided correctly among his wife and daughter in the event of his death. Chris worked with Paul’s solicitor to build an appropriate estate plan for him. Furthermore, Chris encouraged Paul to make a binding death nomination against his account-based pension to ensure his wife will receive a suitable inheritance from his investments. With his financial situation now under control, Paul is grateful for the mutual trust and understanding he has built with Chris over the years and now feels ready for retirement.

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