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April 20, 2021

Investment Planning for Ben & Alice

Ben  and his wife Alice are married and both in their late 50’s. They have been making their own investments decisions within their SMSF since the beginning. As they’re both retiring soon, Ben sells company stock options to provide a future retirement for him and Alice. He acquires $2.5 million after-tax from the sale. Ben now wants to figure out how best to protect and grow his retirement nest egg.

Though, Ben has many concerns. He is reluctant to invest in the stock market again. His $625,000 investments have fluctuated around for over 15 years with minimal growth, other than the money he has contributed. Ben also knows that future interest rate rises may damage bonds and reduce his $2.5 million savings. He cannot leave the money in cash because he feels that inflation may erode the purchasing opower of his money over time and current interest rates are low.

He decides to consult in a financial adviser and stumbles upon Connolly Wealth Management. Ben calls the office and a first meeting is set up with Chris. Chris assesses each of Ben and Alice’s concerns and recommends a strategy for each. At their second meeting, Chris allocates the $2.5 million portfolio to emphasise those investments of most concern to Ben and Alice and provides various options.

Ben has taken action in investing his $2.5 million. Together with Chris, Ben and Alice are comfortably positioned to meet their lifestyle goals and objectives, especially their concerns of protecting and growing their retirement nest egg. His retirement finances are now strategically invested for Ben and Alice’s future.

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