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At Connolly Wealth Management we can show you how to get started with some simple steps that could allow you to live the lifestyle you have always wanted!

Building your future

There is never a better time to start creating wealth than now. One of the common myths about building for your future is that you need a large amount of money to get started. At Connolly Wealth Management we can show you how to get started with some simple steps that could allow you to live the lifestyle you have always wanted!

The Australian investment market place is one of the most complex and diverse markets in the world. At Connolly Wealth Management our team of experts help to simplify the process by managing this for you.

When thinking about how to best build for your future

You might want to consider these questions
• What are my/our goals?
• What are the tax implications?
• What are the risks involved?
• What resources I have available?

Investment Planning

Investment planning focuses on identifying tax effective investment strategies, with consideration to an investor’s appetite for risk and overall financial goals. There is an immensely broad palette of investment options available in the market place, each with different risk profiles for both capital and income.

Are you prepared for retirement?

Account Based Pension, Transition to Retirement Pension, Capital Gains Tax, Preservation Age, Age Pension, Deeming Rates, sound confusing? All of these could play a huge part in your retirement planning and could easily be the difference between enjoying a comfortable retirement and relying on others to help you get by.

You’ve worked hard all your life, you wouldn’t want to make decisions that could cost you ten’s of thousands of dollars would you? Ensuring that your money is working for you is key throughout every stage of life. It becomes crucial when you retire as you need that money to support your lifestyle. That is why it is importatnt to invest your money wisely.

Retirement Strategy

Retirement planning strategies. With your retirement goals worked out, you’ll need strategies to put it into place. These could include: Making extra contributions to build your super while you’re still working.

What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

For most of us, our superannuation will be the biggest investment that we ever have.

Control, Flexibility, Tax Efficiency, Estate Planning

Having a SMSF lets you take full advantage of tax and superannuation law changes as soon as they come into effect. They also provide families with a vehicle to pool their resources and grow their wealth together. A SMSF also provides portability because your account stays with you wherever you go.

Of course, with added control comes additional responsibility and workload. We at Connolly Wealth Management can assist with the establishment, ongoing administration, investment strategy and up to date legislative changes.

IMPORTANT – A Self Management Super Fund is not for everyone – please contact us to find out if you can benefit from setting one up or whether it suits your financial situation.

SMSF Strategy

An Investment Strategy sets out what your SMSF can invest in. When Connolly Wealth Management sets up a new SMSF, we issue you with an Investment Strategy Template which you can edit to reflect your choice of investments.

A good Investment Strategy will give your SMSF a wide choice of investment options. SMSFs can generally invest in cash, shares and property, both locally and overseas. Initially you may decide to invest in cash only.

The investment strategy must take into account every aspect of the SMSF, including:

  • the risk involved in making, holding and realising the SMSF’s investments
  • the composition of the SMSF’s investments as a whole
  • the ability of the SMSF to discharge its existing and prospective liabilities.
  • the liquidity of the SMSF’s investments

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance are types of cover that provide financial security to you and your family for events such as a serious injury or illness, loss of ability to earn, total and permanent disablement or even death.

People often get personal insurance in order to maintain their way of living, with financial support to cover any outstanding debts and everyday expenses.

Debt Elimination Strategies

  • Stop Charging. No debt repayment plan will work if you keep adding to your credit card balances.
  • Pay More Than the Minimum.
  • Choose a Repayment Method.
  • Take Out a Home Equity Loan.
  • Use Your Savings.
  • Do a Balance Transfer to a 0% APR Card.
  • Get a Personal Loan With a Lower APR.


  • Chris has been guiding me in all aspects of financial management since 2003. Along the way we have built a level of trust and respect that allows us to sometimes challenge the other in the decision process and work together for the best outcome.
    Connolly Wealth Management is my vehicle into my financial future and I’m confident that they can be the same for many others.
    Thanks Chris for all your on-going support, friendship and most of all your great financial advice.


  • I came to Connolly Wealth Management to explore the options that were available to me for future financial planning. I have now been a client for 7 years and would highly recommend their services. They have assisted with my financial structures and have helped prepare me for retirement.


  • I feel very comfortable putting my financial needs in the care of Chris and the Connolly Wealth Management Team and I’m confident that they will help guide me in the right direction. I have always found them to be professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.


  • My partner and I have been working on our finances with Chris for nearly 3 years now, he has been an amazing help assisting us with our superannuation and transition to retirement. Chris has set us up to be comfortable in our retirement and keeps us informed and updated about all of our finances. He ensures that we understand all aspects of our financial future and is readily available to chat with us if we need anything clarified. We would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone who wishes guidance, support and confidence in setting their finances up for the future.

    Jenny & Ray

  • Super thorough, great advice, always looking to make sure we have the best investments and strategies in place.

    Greg & Sarah

  • Chris from Connolly Wealth has been helping me for the past 3 years. He is very easy to deal with and has assisted me in purchasing my home, buying a car and manages all my superannuation. I honestly could not be where I am today without his expertise. Thank you to Chris and all the team at Connolly Wealth for all your help and attention to detail.


  • Connolly Wealth Management has helped us with our personal superannuation and insurance needs. We have been very impressed with the personalised professional service and advice given, and how they have tailored this specifically to suit our situation.

    Jordie & Danielle

  • Chris’ proactive approach to financial planning has put my family in a much stronger position. With his help and advice, we believe we can build upon this foundation so that our future is financially secure.


  • We are really grateful for the advice and guidance Chris has given to us with helping to eliminate our current debt. We actually felt a sigh of relief after our last Review Meeting as we felt he understood our financial issues.

    Jo & Rick

  • Chris has always gone out of his way to understand our situation and provide financial advice that is specifically tailored to our needs. Without his expertise and knowledge we would not be in the position that we are today, with a secure retirement ahead.

    Jeff & Mandy

  • We have been clients of Connolly Wealth Management for nearly 15 years now, and we have nothing but praise for Chris and his team. Chris is amazing, nothing is too much trouble and his professionalism and advice are to be applauded. We look forward to our future being secure thanks to Chris Connolly.

    Tracey & David

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