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April 20, 2021

Investment Planning for Rick

Rick is 57 years old and is a successful business owner and enjoys a very comfortable lifestyle. He has built up cash savings, a variety of investments and a number of pensions with different companies. However, Rick is unsure of his portfolio balance and how to deal with the overload of paperwork, figures, and financial jargon. Rick decided to see a financial adviser and booked a meeting with Connolly Wealth Management. Over the course of several meetings, we discussed with Rick his goals and plans for the future including his main priorities. Based on the outcome of a risk profile questionnaire, we adjusted Rick’s portfolio into more appropriate low risk, low-cost investment funds. Using both personal and business assets we prepared a Financial Plan which clearly laid out how Rick could meet his objectives. Rick now has a greater sense of clarity, more control and confidence over what the future holds. He is more relaxed about his retirement and can refocus on his business with fresh enthusiasm

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