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March 8, 2021

Investment & Planning for Emma and Matt

Emma and her husband Matt are 35 years old and planning to start a family. They own their home and they’re also seeking to purchase an investment property. They know there are many financial concerns they need to address for their family’s future. They discovered Connolly Wealth Management and have a meeting to discuss their options with Chris. They are impressed with the knowledge, responsiveness, and professionalism they experience.

Emma & Matt work with Chris over the years and learn that the firm’s dedication to client service, education and attention to detail is what they had been seeking all along.

They deeply appreciate CWM’s efforts to help them diversify their financial portfolio and assist them with making the right financial decisions. Their experience with Chris helps them plan for their future family and financial aspirations.

Emma and Matt feel confident now that they have a financial adviser they can trust and who can assist them to achieve their future financial goals and objectives.

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