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March 8, 2021

Financial Services for Michael

Michael is a 42-year-old single father and is wanting to grow his super but knows he doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise to manage his investments.

Based on a referral from a colleague, he schedules a first meeting with Chris at Connolly Wealth Management. He discusses his future goals and objectives, and Chris develops a comprehensive plan addressing his concerns such as funding his daughter’s school fees as well as super-growth strategies for his retirement nest egg.

Chris’ disciplined approach, based on diversification and asset allocation, is designed to help his portfolio weather market volatility. In addition, Chris’ knowledge, experience, and frequent communication confirm that Michael made the right decision to engage Connolly Wealth Management.

With Connolly Wealth Management’s approach to making a positive difference to the lives of Australian families, Michael now feels confident in the fact that he is being guided towards achieving his investment and retirement goals.

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