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March 8, 2021

Financial Services for Melissa

Melissa is a 55-year-old successful business owner, owning four juice stores around Melbourne. However, she is too busy to acquire and practice the financial skills she requires to grow her investments, super and plan for retirement. Melissa is also concerned about whether she has enough insurance to protect her current lifestyle.
She decides to make an appointment with Chris at Connolly Wealth Management and they discuss her goals and objectives.
The personalised attention she receives is reassuring for Melissa.
Two years later, she is still impressed. Her requests are always returned with a quick response and, as a business owner, she knows first-hand how difficult that kind of efficient responsiveness is to accomplish.
Connolly Wealth Management approaches every task with unparalleled thoroughness, integrity, and competence. Melissa now feels confident that her finances are better guided and she can direct her focus into upholding her business.

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